Write to Fadu!

Here you can write to Fadu and children in China. Just write your email to fadu@petalsofpeace.com and it will be posted on this webpage!

Letters to Fadu:

January 6, 2004

Happy New Year Fadu!

We are all thinking of you here in America. The next time you go traveling, please come visit Florida and we can go to the beach! Please give your mom a big hug for us.

Truly yours,

Your friends in Florida


January 7, 2004

Hello Fadu,

Remember all the golden paper lotuses at the wedding you and your Mum attended when you were in Brisbane? Well, this is how the pond looks now with beautiful yellow lotus flowers.

Warm wishes to you and your Mum for a Happy New Year.

From your friends in Queensland, Australia.


January 22, 2004

We've drawn you this flower,

From the garden of compassion,

To give you this shower,

of Zhen-Shan-Ren!*


Harry, William, Marcus, Lucy, and K2

*Zhen-Shan-Ren: Chinese words meaning Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance


March 28, 2004

Hello Fadu!

Happy every day to you and your mama!

When do I write this wish to you, my tears came down. Because I know this is difficult for you and your mama.

Let us call for in all world: the end of torturing the end of killing, the end of persecution in China. Compassion grow in our hearts. Let the wish in our hearts make a difference....

Diana from Holland.


April 10, 2004

Happy Birthday Fadu!

Warm wishes from the sunshine state Miami, Florida. We all love you. My best regards to you and your mom.




July 4, 2004

Hello Fadu!

I folded this flower for you. I used it to tell people about your story. Your kindness is reaching people around the world - including Japan!

All the best to you and your mom.

With love from Japan,