How to Fold a Lotus Flower

You can download the instructions by clicking here: Download PDF

Step 1

Fold the square sheet of
paper diagonally along the
dotted lines. Crease and
then unfold.

Step 2

Fold all four corners into the


Step 3

Fold all four corners into the center again


Step 4
Turn over, and fold all four
corners into the center. Make
crease, and then unfold.


Step 5

Turn over again and then lift each corner and fold along the
dotted line as shown (about ¾ of the way up).
* The height of the fold can be varied. Reduce the height for
the bottom layer of petals.


Step 6

Turn over again and fold a, b, c, d into the center. This forms four


Step 7

Turn over and pull out the four corners (e, f, g, h) under the flower

Step 8

Turn over again. Hold down the center of the flower and gently ease the underneath corners (e, f, g, h) up to make another four petals.
The corners can be pulled up higher if necessary (for the inner layers of petals). To do this, put your thumb on one of the black dots, and gently pull up the corresponding corner as far as possible, being careful not to tear the edges. Repeat for all corners.

The lotus flower is made up
of several layers of petals
(between 2-4 layers. The
final layer of petals is
approximately one quarter
of the initial paper size.

Repeat steps 1-8 with a
new square sheet of paper
to make another layer of
petals. Use smaller
squares for the inner layers
of petals. Glue or tape the
layers of petals on top of
each other.

How to Make the Leaf
There are several different shapes you can use for the bottom leaf (round, hexagonal, 4-leaf). To make the leaf, use a square piece
of green paper. The paper should be slightly larger than the bottom layer of petals.

Step 1

Fold paper in half along dotted line

Step 2

Fold in half again along dotted line

Step 3

Fold in half diagonally along dotted line

Step 4

Cut the edges along dotted line

Step 5

Unfold leaf. Glue flower in the center.

Finished Flower (Three Layers)

Golden Lotus Origami

Great job! You have folded petals of peace!