Little Rongfa

When Zou Rongfa was born in November 1999, her father Zou Songtao was confined in a detention center because he had gone to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After multiple arrests, Rongfa's father eventually died at the hands of the police. After the death of her father, the police kept harassing and closely watching Rongfa's mother, Zhang Yunhe. In February 2002, the police arrested her mother. Ms. Zhang is still being held in a detention center. Fatherless and separated from her mother, Rongfa had to stay with her grandmother, who was over 60 years old. Sadly, her grandmother became ill and died from the pain of losing her son-in-law and being separated from her daughter.

Rongfa has lost her father, her mother, and her grandmother, the three people she loved most. Whenever she misses her family, she steps on a little stool so that she can reach up to kiss her Daddy's box of ashes.


Rongfa's parents Songtao and Zhang Yunhe

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