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Jane and Fadu open their "Rescue the Orphans" lunchbox

A Special Chat with Fadu and her Mom!

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Little Fadu and her mother, Jane Dai, were in Washington DC this past month finishing a new movie. The film, Zhen Han ("Shake the World"), portrays a true story of a Falun Gong practitioner and her life living under persecution in China. Jane and Fadu co-star in the movie as mother and daughter.

We were able to catch up with Jane and Fadu between scenes and we asked them some questions about Petals of Peace.

Interview with Jane Dai

Petals: Thanks for joining us.

Jane: You're welcome.

Petals: How old is Fadu now?

Jane: Fadu was born on the 3rd of April in 2000. She is five years old now.

Petals: Both you and Fadu have contributed so much to stopping the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. One of the projects you have been working on is Petals of Peace. Could you tell us about it?

Jane: The project is about little Fadu's story. We also teach children to fold the paper lotus flowers because in Chinese culture the lotus flower means so much. You can see this in traditional Chinese paintings and decorations. It has lots of meaning for Chinese people. It's because the lotus comes from the mud, but it maintains the purity and beauty. So I think it's like the Falun Gong practitioners living under the difficulty of persecution: they are just like lotus flowers because they come with beauty and purity.

Petals: Where have you taken the Petals of Peace project?

Jane: In Europe, a lot of countries did this program in school. The first time we went was in Switzerland. They translated Little Fadu's Story into German and we spoke at the school. They made slides of the beautiful pictures of little Fadu and put them around the room. The children really liked them and the teacher said that they were so beautiful. One of the local newspapers came and put a big picture in the paper.

The second school we went to we did it for the whole school - from age 3 to 17. Every class we went to they liked it. They used the lotus flowers to decorate their classrooms. It was beautiful. Then after school, they were singing and the parents came to join.

One of the practitioners in Australia, she's a famous pianist and she made a song for Petals of Peace. Fadu first listened and started dancing so beautifully. I remember one of the music teachers came and hugged me, cried, and said, "I'm proud of your daughter."

Petals: I think many people around the world are proud of and inspired by Fadu. Where will you go next with the Petals of Peace project?

Jane: I'm not sure at the moment, but little Fadu's story has been translated in Norwegian, Dutch, French, Swedish, German, and other languages. So I really appreciate everyone's support. Maybe one day Fadu and I will go to visit the schools and the children.

Petals: Do you have a message for all those people who have been supportive?

Jane: Please let us work together to rescue the orphans in China (Info), because I don't want the same pain Fadu went through for these orphans. Fadu is very lucky because she is outside of China and we have so many supporters. But for the orphans in China, their situation is very sad.

I remember [a story from] Beijing. A child's father was taken away from the house and later the mother was arrested at home, and she just stayed with her 80-year-old grandma. One day, the grandma said, "If something happens to me, who will look after you?" Also, in the schools if they know you practice Falun Gong, you cannot go to school, the neighbors will watch you, and the people around will look down on you and treat you very badly. So the condition is very serious.

Petals: How can people help? What can they do?

Jane: You can write a letter to the foreign affairs department of your country. I hope the country can speak out and condemn this persecution. You can tell your friends and relatives so more people can know the truth of these crimes. Or you can write a letter to the schools in China. Or you can fold a lotus flower (Smiles). It's really beautiful.

Petals: Thank you very much Jane for your time today, we really appreciate it. People all over the world support you, so keep doing what you're doing.

Jane: Thank you. The website is also being translated into other languages too, so it's a wonderful job. Thank you.

Interview with Fadu

Petals: How are you Fadu?

Fadu: I'm fine, thank you.

Petals: What's your favorite color?

Fadu: Pink!

Petals: What's your favorite animal?

Fadu: A rabbit.

Petals: How old are you?

Fadu: Five.

Petals: When is your birthday?

Fadu: The third of April, 2000.

Petals: Where do you live?

Fadu: Sydney.

Petals: Where is Sydney?

Fadu: Australia.

Petals: You have friends all over the world. Do you want to say hi?

Fadu: Hi!

Petals: Do you like lotus flowers?

Fadu: I like lotus flowers. I can make the lotus flowers. Thank you for the lotus flowers!

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