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Jane Dai receives Turtle Award for humanitarian efforts!

Jane and Fadu at the Turtle Awards

The Australian Altruism Foundation held its annual Turtle and Humanitarian Award banquet on May 3, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Jane Dai and Fadu were honored with this award for "those who stick out their necks" for others and for their continued efforts with Petals of Peace and raising awareness worldwide about the persecution of Falun Gong.

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What is the Petals of Peace project?

'Petals of Peace' is a way to express hope for all the children who are suffering in China, like Fadu who lost her dad. Children all over the world can fold a paper lotus flower to help raise awareness about the suffering of our young friends. Every flower is a symbol of hope.

Petals of Peace

Can we find the heart for every child,
the heart to show we care?
When the world reaches out to every heart,
we will find compassion there.

Like a lotus flower unfolding,
colored above waters of grey.
Clouded skies to new horizons hold
the promise of peace someday.

For truth and for our future,
can we find the heart to lend a hand?
Together we can end injustice,
awaken the world to understand.

Let us bring each precious petal to light
for our children everywhere.
When the world reaches out to every heart,
we will find compassion there.


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